Our Suppliers

We work closely with artisanal, bespoke suppliers who like us, are mostly family run businesses with a real passion for seasonal, sustainable and fully traceable great British produce.

Becoming a supplier

We have rigorous rules to ensure the integrity of our supply chain. Our buying team works hard to ensure that the food and drinks we serve are healthy, safe and of the best possible quality. We are also committed to ensuring our business operates in a sustainable way. If your business ticks all of these boxes then we would love to hear from you and discuss ways in which we can work together. Please visit our Get in Touch page

Andrew and Angela Barraclough

Andrew and Angela Barraclough manage Gatelands Farm near Penrith as a family unit alongside their son and daughter. Gatelands Farm is one of five dairy farms in Pentrith helping to make dairy farming sustainable once again by carving a market for retired dairy cattle.

Mark Leatham

Mark Leatham has dedicated the last nine years to rearing the rare White Park Beef breed at Lyons Hill Farm near Dorchester. He is committed to increasing the numbers of this beautiful breed through selective breeding and developing a market for its excellent meat, with the aim of one day removing the breed from its current classification as a “Rare Breed”.

Josh Perkes

Josh is the 5th generation in his family to be involved within all aspects of the fishing industry. His love of fish started when at 4 years old he caught his first mackerel and has subsequently been working with fish ever since. With his customers in mind, Josh is on the market every morning picking out the freshest and highest quality fish and shellfish from the dayboats.


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