Our Responsibility

We're committed to everyone that walks through our doors, and take every step possible to ensure we operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Our teams and the community we serve

We are passionate about inspiring staff, encouraging team building and engineering relationships based on education and growth. We take great pride in staff development and watching our team members progress from one level to the next. Because of this, staff retention at ETM is high which contributes to a strong operational and guest-centric organisation. Every member of our team is important and we are committed to working together in order to make the experience at every ETM venue the best it can possibly be – for our customers and the teams who serve them.


We are proud supporters of The Childhood Trust, a charity founded with the simple vision of supporting vulnerable children living in poverty in London. When we say a little goes a long way, we really do mean it and with the enthusiasm, dedication and commitment of our customers, employees and local communities we hope to exceed our fundraising target for this year.

Customer wellbeing

From day one, ETM has championed using only the best suppliers, ingredients and cooking methods. We have rigorous rules in place to ensure the integrity of our supply chain. Our buying team works hard to ensure that the food and drinks we serve are of the best possible quality and we are always looking for ways to develop and improve in order to ensure our business operates in a sustainable way.

Nutrition and allergens

We always go that extra mile to ensure we are offering our customers a balanced range of dishes and healthy choices. All of our menus offer gluten-free options and our talented chefs are able to adapt and respond to the dietary needs of our customers. All allergen information is made available at each of our locations and on our websites.


Managing what we produce and what we use that becomes waste is important to us, and we are dedicated to minimising waste and recycling wherever possible. We currently separate waste according to food, glass, recycling and non- recycling.

As well as ensuring our venues are comfortable and look great, we also view sustainability as an important element within the design which we take into account when commissioning and sourcing all of our interior finishes, fittings and equipment.